Thursday, March 29, 2012


Complex Magazine's 10th Anniversary issue (April/May 2012)
Photography by Brooke Nipar
Styling by Alejandra Hernandez

Excerpt from interview:

Does every rapper you meet hit on you?
People think every guy is trying to get my number. I don’t have people asking for my number every day or even every week. I often meet people in working environments where it’s professional.

When do you feel sexy?
There’s sexy and there’s beautiful. Sexy is: I have the power, you want me, and I can fuck around with it. I like that feeling. At home, I want to feel beautiful—not like I’m dominating someone. If I come home dressed like I am in my videos, that would be weird. [Laughs.]

You’ve been criticized for being overly sexual.
To a lot of people, a powerful, sexy woman is vulgar. When I first came out people said, she only raps about her vagina. I’m not a vagina rapper! [Laughs.] I talk about many other things.

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Cassie and her "man" Diddy are both in Paris for Fashion Week. It's funny how they 
both haven't came out and said their dating the other. But on to fashion news I loved
this look that Cassie rocked. She has the androgynous look down, but at the same
time still puts her feminine touch to it. She rocked a Helmut Lang Era Collar
Detail blazer ($645), Rag & Bone Feather print leggings ($125),
BE & D "Big City" sneakers and a very very nice Alexander McQueen
Snake and Horn Skull Clutch ($1,995).


Kanye West has collaborated with Italian designer Giuseppe Zanotti and created
a can I say an insanely expensive pair of heels that retail for 4,420 euros which 
is about $5,800. These babies were first seen during Paris Fashion week last October
and now can only be purchased on Colette. I'm not too sure what I think about it
the beading seems a bit too much and I'm not sure if I would rock them.

What do you think?


Saturday, March 3, 2012


Its funny how I strayed away from doing runway reviews but I decided
why not for the Balmain Fall 2012 collection because it's so different from what
we usually see from Olivier Rousteing. When we think of Balmain we think 
of  hardware and shoulder pads however this collection was completely
different from that. Instead of studs many of the pieces were embroidered 
and beaded which made the collection have more of a softer appeal. Many
of the pieces were simple but at the same time tailored to perfection. Quilted
velvet was also everywhere in the collection from pants to jackets and even footwear
but primarily in teal and forest green. I definitely have to say that this would
be my most favorite collection from Balmain thus far.