Saturday, November 13, 2010


As I write this post I'm drowning in textbooks and assignments.
I have two tests on the same day and two assignments due
the next day. I thought that after midterms were over I
would get a break but I was wrong. I got only two mins to
collect myself before i was bombarded with more work. The thing
I miss the most is SHOPPING. I told myself when midterms
are over I'm gonna buy knit sweaters, knit leggings and buy
myself some combat boots...but no that did not end up happening.
Instead I found my nose in a Criminal Justice textbook. Anywho
during my time of HIBERNATION I stumbled across
a site called I'm not really feeling their
apparel but I really like some of their boots. Not only are the boots
nice their cheap too. I'll post my favourites from the site as
a seperate post.

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