Wednesday, June 22, 2011


 I went thrifting at my local Value Village, which I can say is not
as good as the one in Oshawa. I've been to this value 
once for an hour before and I only managed to buy a belt, 
so I felt the need to go back and actually search through the 
racks. Okay so when I walk into any thrift store the first place I 
go to is the bags. While walking to the bag section I 
came across the belts and scarves area which i quickly ransacked. 

While ransacking I came across...I actually think it's the best 
thing I ever found at a thrift store. Okay like I was saying
 I came across a.....YSL belt. Yes people you heard me correct 
a YSL belt. Wait it doesn't stop there, a YSL
 belt for......2 dollars. This reminded me of one blogger
who went thrifting one day and was searching through a belt basket
and found a vintage Moschino belt for 5 dollars. So you can basically
call me lucky. Does it really matter that the belt is too big and the
buckle is a bit scratched up I think not.

I came across many things I liked such as white levis high 
waisted shorts and a levis jean jacket but it was either 
too small or it was too small. At the end of the day instead 
of leaving the store with one belt i left the store 
with three belts, which is a big achievement I think. 

Well all my fellow thrifters and future thrifters Value Village is having a 50% sale on basically everything in the store on June 27, which is Monday next week.  So go crazy.

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