Friday, September 9, 2011

Back to SCHOOL needs and wants

So I start my second year of university officially tomorrow, but I've
 noticed that I haven't gone back to school shopping. What has 
happened to me, I've become really really lazy. Last year I did my 
shopping three weeks in advance. Well as school starts I plan to 
accumulate a number of things and I thought I should share what i need and want to get.

First off, I want a Mulberry Alexa inspired bag. Notice the word 
inspired, I truly wish I could buy the real thing but there is no way
right now that I can drop $1,000 on bag. Maybe some day.

I know the iPhone 5 is coming out but I don't mind settling for the 
iPhone 4. I've been debating whether to get the Blackberry Bold 9780
or this bad boy, but i think I've made my decision. I
already weighed the PROS ad CONS of both.

This shouldn't be a shocker to anyone, I really want to get my
hands on a pair of  Jeffrey Campbell Litas preferably these taupe
suede ones. I know everyone has been rocking them but I love the 
way they look and I've heard that there really comfortable.

I've been longing for The Disco Pant for a very long time as well
as the Riding Pant. I went to American Apparel and tried on the
Riding Pant but I didn't really like them too much. I saw a
model wearing The Disco Pant in a magazine and knew I had to get them.

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