Friday, December 30, 2011

Versace Pre-Fall 2012

Who would of thought that after Versace released their Versace for H&M line
and did their regular ready-to-wear runway show that they 
would still have that drive to create another collection, well they did it some how. 
Their pre-fall collection modeled by Nyasha Matonhodze depicts
the everyday sophisticate with a dash of dominance.  

Their pre-fall collection is based around these silver toe boots that gives the outfit
a more younger feel. Not only that but if you look very closely at all the outfits
even though it is paired with a small bag and long boots the proportion isn't off.

The minis actually compliment the boots and vice versa, it all seems to work together.

I do like the feel of the collection but I also see the fact that it is still lacking things.
For instance the colour palette is a bit dull, don't get me wrong the colors are
nice but Versace is known for its bright colours. Some the pieces also look
unfinished and not all the way there when it comes to execution.

The collection in my eyes isn't amazing but it has elements that I really do like.

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