Monday, February 18, 2013

M.I.A, M.I.A (Omarion Voice)

Hey fab people....its me I'm backkk. Yes its me Lisa. I'm basically a stranger to my blog.
I've been gone for so long six months to be exact. So where have I been you may ask?
I've started my third year of university which so far is kinda stressful, I worked a bit during the Christmas
break and I've just been chillaxing really. Enjoying being twenty I can actually say I 
feel like an adult now. Today is my comeback. I've missed writing and reading
all your wonderful comments. So this week I've been inspired by London fashion week 
as well as the NBA All-Star weekend that is coming to a close today. Kudos to the West
for winning today but I was rooting for the East oh well there's always next year.
Anyways stayed tuned for posts about these events.

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